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About us

  • Mirage Network is a nonpareil partner in the journey to refine event management excellence & innovation!
  • We are a Leading Event Management company with 20+ years of experience.
  • Since 2001, we’ve honed our skills to offer a range of services to accommodate the diversity of our clients.
  • Our group of professionals innovate ideas that are as good as the discipline supporting them.
  • We believe that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of strategy and the creation of astonishment.
  • We design, plan and manage every engagement from conception to execution.
  • Our events are completely customized, reflecting the brand personality of each client.
  • Whether we act for a product, a company or a cause, our efforts embrace experiences that combine unconventional approach with the finest and most important of all that intangible element of surprise.

Activities we specialize in

• Product Launch • Brand Activation • MICE • Exhibitions • Concerts • Artist Management

Event Management

Organises total events nationally and internationally.

Branding & Promotion

Branding of all international companies and promoting worldwide.


Creating shows of international artists & bands globally.


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Product Launch

The success of a product can be determined with the bang it is launched in the market.


With Mirage Network, give your product launch the response it deserves and a debut that will make waves in the target segments.


Our team of professionals look through all the management cycle - from building your brand, showcasing your product to nurturing your business relationships.


We plan to amplify your message and represent it in a way that it gathers insurmountable appreciation.



Brand Activation

Strong brand is key factor for success of any business!

Create Brand

Bid adieu to the days of traditional marketing tactics, the now consumers want to know more – about you and your brand!

Connect & Engage Users

Establish a connection with your audience from the start, and you will gain an unparalleled amount of user-engagement.


Our versatile strategy will provide your brand with an iconic platform to communicate and appeal to your target audience.




Meetings Incentives Conferences Events


From India to abroad, whether it is a conference for thousands of people or a destination symposium for a few, Mirage Network organizes events that are reminisced forever.


With significant local expertise and an eminent track record of handling global teams of corporate clients, we ensure your MICE events are enjoyable, economical and add value to your investment.


We commit our time to thoroughly research what our clients want and offer them flawless execution.




Pioneer in Concert!


Pioneer in concert tours, fetes, charity galas’, parades, carnivals and other special events, Mirage Network, is well known for organizing events that reach their maximum potential.


From offering ingenious ideas to coordinating at every stage of production, we provide our clients all-time assistance leading to a successful event.

What sets us apart from most concert organizers is our ability to create an impact through the amalgamation of both conventional and contemporary techniques.


We believe in encouraging the music community by organizing extraordinary concerts with a shedload of fun stuff to delight, entertain and inspire.




Experts in Exhibition!


One magnificent pride of Mirage Network is our potential to show the world readiness in organizing roadshows & exhibitions.


Not to mention, it is one of the best ways to get your brand/product observed and acknowledged.


Our exuberant team of whack-jobs present the top-notch ideas so that you can blissfully retreat to the international clients and take your business to the pinnacle of success.



Artist Management

Extensive experience in managing biggest celebrities!


Mirage Network is recognized as an industry front-liner in managing the biggest celebrity names throughout India and other parts of the world.

Our team constantly keeps a check on the market appeal, reputation and commercial value of each artist and celebrity.


At Mirage Network, artist & celebrity management is more than just work; it is exchanging ideas, building upon inspiration and sharing joy.

Our sensory journeys are led by experts in planning, promoting and managing celebrity's prestige.


For us, our client’s repute is everything.



25/2/2 PGM Shah Road,
Kolkata -700095


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